About Us

Educate. Entertain. Enrich.

The mission of Artsbridge is to educate, entertain, and enrich individuals through the power of the arts. We are dedicated to providing high-quality artistic experiences that educate our community about various art forms, techniques, and cultural perspectives. Through our performances, exhibitions, and educational programs, we aim to entertain and captivate individuals, fostering a deep appreciation for the arts. Additionally, we strive to enrich the lives of our community members by offering opportunities for personal growth, creativity, and self-expression. By embracing the transformative power of the arts, our organization seeks to inspire, engage, and connect with our community, creating a vibrant and inclusive experience.

Connecting communities through creativity”.

Our Objectives

To maintain and develop arts education opportunities in schools and communities.

To develop awareness of arts activities and the role of Artsbridge in the community we serve.

To facilitate cooperation among arts organizations and artists.

To maintain a presence in community planning and development activities.

To contribute to the health and well-being of the community by offering creative outlets which educate, entertain, and enrich.

To reach underserved constituencies who may not traditionally be involved in artistic experiences, and to make the arts accessible to all people.

Accessibilty Statement

Artsbridge, Inc. is committed to serving all attendees with disabilities and adheres to the guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Artsbridge office is located at 925 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101 and the front entrance is accessible. Attendees with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Artsbridge by phone at 304.428.3988 at least two-weeks prior to the event. Artsbridge, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, color, national origin, or other legally protected status.

Artsbridge Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to connecting communities through creativity.

This site is intended to provide information to people in the Mid-Ohio Valley about Artsbridge, our role in the arts community and the many activities, events and opportunities there are to participate in the arts, right here.

At Artsbridge, we know that a strong commitment to preserving and perpetuating the arts enriches lives and affects economic growth. The arts are also vital to the children living and learning in Wood County, West Virginia and Washington County, Ohio.

A resource for parents, educators, artists, patrons of the arts and art organizations, Artsbridge is an arts council dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Mid-Ohio Valley by promoting and supporting the arts through financial and administrative support, and arts education in our schools and community.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

We believe that all who work, or aspire to do so, should have equal opportunity to participate in our economy and share equally the economic prosperity our labor creates. We believe that discrimination on any basis—race or color, gender, class, ethnicity, ability, health status, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, religion, or creed—is abhorrent and inconsistent with our values as a people and an organization.

In particular, we recognize the harmful historic and economic legacy of anti-Blackness, slavery, colonization and laws and policies that have embedded and sustained structural racism and sexism that impedes achieving our vision of shared prosperity. Racial, gender, and worker justice are central to the world we want to live in.

We believe equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are critical to ensuring the well-being of Artsbridge. The Artsbridge Board is committed to supporting Artsbridge in its quest to fulfill the vision outlined in Artsbridge’s vision for racial equity, diversity, and inclusion, and to shaping its own policies and practices to ensure they further Artsbridge’s goal of becoming an anti-racist organization and an organization that addresses systems of supremacy, power, and privilege in all its forms. Specifically, Artsbridge Board members will commit to:

• Conduct a comprehensive Artsbridge audit of the Board no less than every three years, along with an action plan to address any identified deficiencies. The audit will include, but will not be limited to, a review of the Board of Directors’ composition by race, gender, class, ability, and age, along with a review of Board policies that may inhibit the Board from being able to recruit and retain diverse members. The results of the audit will guide the Board’s efforts to ensure the diversity of the board, board committees, and advisory bodies. When vacancies occur, the audit will help inform the process of nominating and electing candidates who reflect the diverse representation Artsbridge seeks to achieve.

• Support the Artsbridge president’s efforts to implement recruitment, retention, and promotion systems which mitigate unconscious bias and achieve the vision outlined in Artsbridge’s vision for racial equity, diversity, and inclusion.

• Exhibit conduct that reflects equity and inclusion at all times.

• Ensure Board members and members of committees established by the Board have access to training and resource materials to enhance their knowledge of equity and inclusion issues in order to fulfill the responsibilities of this policy.

• Review this EDI policy and Board practices on an ongoing basis to reflect changing legislation, demographics, and organizational priorities that relate to Artsbridge’s mission.

The Artsbridge Staff

Lyndsay Dennis

Executive Director

Kelsi Ullom

Programs Coordinator

Paula Oliverio

Arts Education Coordinator

Mary Smith

Programs Co-coordinator

Board of Directors

Christina Myer
Board President
Editor, Parkersburg News & Sentinel, Marietta Times

Jeff DeWitt
President Elect



Scott Trew
Board Treasurer
Director of Facilities and Transportation,
Belpre City Schools

Mindy Wilson
Board Secretary
Educator, Wood County

Greg Boso
Retired Principal, WVU-P
Greg Brewster
President/CEO IDATP
Liz Brown
Music Educator, Warren Elementary
Reed Byers
Change Agent, Speaker, Consultant

Betty Dotson
Retired Educator
William Haas
Business/Technology Consultant
Allyson Lewis
Client Services, North Bend Wealth Management
Joseph Oliverio
Retired School Administrator

Caryl Stines
Retired Music Educator
Toni Tiano
President, Tiano-Knopp Associates, Inc
Karen Waller
Director, Belpre Chamber of Commerce
Bert Webb
Retired Principal

Interested in Becoming a Board Member?

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