Andrew Clovis – Theater Arts

Andrew skillfully involves students in a hands-on demonstration of theatrical make-up techniques and/or masks. In addition he offers workshops in “Theater Games” for children, an interactive, improvisational approach designed to develop basic skills through character development. This is a chance for students to experience the magic of theater arts!

Age level: grades K-6 (class size only); time: 45 minutes; availability: most days, with ample notice.

Andrew Clovis received a B.A. in English Literature and B.A. in Theatre Arts from Marietta College. His involvement in theatre includes a variety of positions over many years: actor, technician, box office, tour manager, director, writer, publicist, scenic designer, lighting, costume design, make-up, props. Andrew was interim Head of the Theatre Department at WVUP, where is currently teaches English and Theatre courses. He runs an after-school drama program in Marietta for the Ely Chapman Educational Foundation.

Drama/Theatre Standards: Experiment: Experiment with a variety of ways to use the body and voice in performance. Connect: Recognize ways in which technical and artistic elements support a story.