Andy Fraenkel – Dramatic Storytelling

Andy Fraenkel
3322 McCrearys Ridge Rd
Moundsville, WV 26041

Andy offers energetic, multicultural storytelling programs. He travels nationally and performs for all grade levels. His programs promote positive values (respect, courage), appreciation for world literature and cultures, self expression and he speaks about his experience immigrating to America as a child. He uses handheld, musical instruments from various countries to punctuate his stories. Programs for grades K-5: “Whomever We Meet, Wherever We Go.” For grades 6-9: “Tales of the Heart – Stories of Courage” and Coleridge’s classic, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Study guides provided. Presentation tailored to your needs. Andy has workshops for students (“Tell it!, Write It!”) and a master class for teachers. Minimum of three units per school.

Availability: throughout the year; Grades: K-6; 7-9 Requirements: table, prefers large room or gym where kids can sit on floor; Time; 45 minutes.

Andy is a recipient of the WV 2005 Artist Fellowship Award in Children’s Literature. He has been a professional storyteller in schools for 25 years. He holds a B.A. in Theater (CUNY) and has also performed Off B’way and regional theater.

Theatre Standard: Connect: Explore examples of dramatic literature from various cultures and historical periods. Connect: Recognize technical and artistic elements that support a story.