Cynthia Puls – String Music

Cynthia Lutz-Puls

( Cynthia Puls and David Puls, a dynamic duo, can perform together (counts for 2 units)

Cynthia’s enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge and appreciation of the cello with all students is infectious. Her program includes music history and a variety of musical styles. Cynthia’s approach is student-oriented; hands-on and interactive activities are used to make learning fun. Cynthia stresses the role of the artists in the community and concert etiquette.

Age Level: K-6; Time: 45-60 minutes Availability: flexible Requirements: standing easel. note Cynthia and David Puls can perform together with a special presentation (2 selections).

Cynthia Puls has been playing the cello for almost 43 years. Her teaching experience includes her private studio, Butler University, Louisiana State University, Marietta College, and Marshall University. She has a B.M. from the University of Evansville and a M.M from Louisiana State University. Cynthia has performed in master classes for Zara Nelsova, Nathanial Rosen and Stephen Katz, and Fritz Magg. She is a certified Suzuki Cello instructor, and has been teaching for over twenty years. Cynthia is founder of the Trillium Piano Trio which performs regularly at The Castle in Marietta, Ohio. Her performance experience spans eight states, in which she has played in operas, ballets, symphonies, string quartets, and solo performances.

Music Standard: Exploring: Listen to, analyze music demonstrating rhythm, melody and harmony. Creating: Improvise a melodic or rhythmic response>