David Puls – String Music: violin

David Puls

(David Puls and Cynthia Puls, a dynamic duo, can perform together (counts for 2 units)

David’s K-2 violin program includes rhythm exploration, melody matters, and music composition. His program for grades 3-4 includes a study of the world of strings and performance practice. For grades 5-6, he adds music from many lands. Presentations are entertaining and informative. David connects with kids and motivates an interest in music.

Age Level: K-6 Time: 45-60 minutes Availability: flexible with advance notice.

David and Cynthia Puls can perform together with a special presentation (2 selections).

David began violin studies with Harry Katzman and Carol Sindell in his home town of Portland, Oregon. He pursued further studies at Indiana University. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Arizona and a Master of Music from the University of Akron. He has been active with the West Virginia Symphony, the Wheeling Symphony, the Akron Symphony, and the Ohio Chamber Orchestra. David teaches privately and at Marietta College, performs in a variety of chamber groups, and is a member of Arts Education in Charleston. David is a member of the Trillium Piano Trio series at The Castle, in Marietta, OH. He currently teaches at Marietta College in addition to his private violin studio.

Music Standard: Relating: Understand music in relation to history and culture. Exploring: Listen to, analyze music demonstrating rhythm, melody and harmony