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Geoff Schenkel

Geoff Schenkel
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Geoff, an award-winning artist and muralist, takes students on an inventive journey into the world of creating art. Exploration and experimentation play key roles in this interactive presentation. Students will learn how to use both direct experience ( with nature and people) and indirect experience (memories, reflections) to create their own artistic expressions. This hands-on presentation can be customized to include subjects and themes from classroom study.

Grades K-6; 45 minutes; availability: flexible with ample notice.

Geoff Schenkel earned his Fine Arts degree at Marietta College and was awarded a McDonough Leadership Certificate. He completed apprenticeships in San Francisco with master muralist Susan Cervantes and with Fine Arts Artist Elaine Badgley Arnoux, respectively. Geoff has worked as an independent artist/muralist since 1994. He is an active member of the Riverside Artists in Marietta, Ohio.

Visual Art Standard: Produce artworks that express and represent their experiences, imagination and ideas using a range of media including new technologies.

  • Curriculum Guide Grades K-2

    • Language Arts and Social Studies

      • Vocabulary
      • Colors, shapes
      • Role of artists in community
    • Math and Science

      • Measurement
      • Geometric shapes
      • Patterns
    • Arts

      • Imagination, creativity
      • Painting
      • Color, design
  • Curriculum Guide Grades 3-4

    • Language Arts and Social Studies

      • Vocabulary
      • Appalachian culture
    • Math and Science

      • Patterns, measuring
      • Geometric shapes, lines
      • Color, pigments, shading
    • Arts

      • Art appreciation
      • Creative expression
      • Design, color, texture
  • Curriculum Guide Grades 5-6

    • Language Arts and Social Studies

      • Creative concepts
      • Critical thinking
      • Self-expression
      • Artist in the community
    • Math and Science

      • Geometry
      • Patterns, estimating
      • Natural pigments, shapes in Nature
    • Art

      • Art appreciation
      • Original artwork
      • Art concepts: design, dimension, perspective