J.D. Williamson – Cartoon Art/storyteller


J.D. Williamson
(Phone) 304-375-7888

PBS Storyteller, Author, Singer, and Artist J.D. Williamson will amaze and astound your students with his humorous and zany educational entertainment programs. J.D. sings and tells stories while drawing with audience participation. J.D. offers a variety of shows: “Buckeye and Mountaineer History Heroes! Read it, Write it, Tell it!”, “The Reading Express: Johann Gutenberg is Texting You!,” Anti-Bullying Programs: Character Counts and Manners Matter”, Thomas Nast: Civil War Artist”, “The Secret of Silence Dogwood: America’s First Editorial Cartoonist (Ben Franklin), and The World’s Geography. J.D. can design programs to meet specific learning goals and current classroom topics on request from teachers, with some advance notice. All presentations include student participation.

Besides Ohio True and Tall Tales, J.D. Williamson also performs Tales about his home state of WV.

Age level: Grades K-6; 45 minutes; availability: flexible with ample notice. Requirements: Microphone for large auditorium audiences.

J.D. Williamson received a B.A. in Fine Arts from Berea College; he recently performed eight original stories and sketches for PBS television called, “Read It, Write It Tell It.”. J.D. performs at area festivals and in summer reading programs.

Message him on Facebook under Cartoon Fun With J.D. Williamson or James D. Williamson http://www.jdcartoons

Visual art standard: Explore: Explore, examine and discuss how subjects, symbols, and ideas visually communicate meaning in art