John Gallagher – Musician/Singer

John Gallagher
(home) 304-295-8130
(work) 304-422-5010

John, who has taught guitar and performed locally for many years, punctuates his repertoire of musical selections with explanations of different types of guitars and musical styles. Jazz, rock, rhythm and blues, popular songs, – he performs them all. How does a guitar produce sound? What’s a Wah Wah Pedal? How do you write a song? John provides information, history, and entertainment. Study guide provided.

Grades: K-6; 45 minutes; availability-mornings preferred 8:30-11:00 am.; can arrange some afternoon presentations with ample notice. Requirements: small school P.A. system if possible, but can provide own when necessary. (2 units for “whole school” performance in gym/auditorium.)

Music Standard: Performing: Perform on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music. Creating: Compose and arrange music within specified guidelines.

  • Curriculum Guide Grades K-2

    • Language Arts and Social Studies

      • Listening skills
      • Recognizing themes
      • Other cultures
    • Math and Science

      • Counting
      • Recognizing patterns
    • Arts

      • Music appreciation
      • Rhythmic patterns
      • Musical instruments
  • Curriculum Guide Grades 3-4

    • Language Arts and Social Studies

      • Listening/observation skills
      • Identifying main ideas and details
      • Other cultures/famous people
    • Math and Science

      • Sound patterns/waves
      • Speed/tempo/rhythm
    • Arts

      • Music appreciation/concepts
      • Construction of musical instruments
      • Styles of music/cross-cultural
  • Curriculum Guide Grades 5-6

    • Language Arts and Social Studies

      • Listening/analyzing
      • Comprehension/interpretation
      • Famous musical artists
    • Math and Science

      • Sound waves/vibration
      • Shapes/sounds/rhythm
    • Arts

      • Music appreciation/forms/themes
      • History of musical forms/guitar
      • Creating songs/music and lyrics