Scott Cain – Traditional Folk Instruments/Music

Scott Cain
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Scott takes his 35 years experience working professionally in the music and entertainment industry and applies it to his own style of playing traditional and original Appalachian folk music. He blends a bit of the history of Appalachian folk instruments and music with his performance of familiar favorites like “Country Roads”, “West Virginia Hills” and many more. This is a presentation all grades will enjoy!

Scott Cain has been working professionally in the music, entertainment, and tourism industry since 1977. Starting in Disney World’s Fife and Drum Corps, he moved to the Technical Services Department and ultimately to designing and running sound and lights for many Disney World shows. Moving to Nashville, Scott became the first Lighting Director for the Country Music Television Network From there he went to Charlotte working in live television with Jim and Tammy Baker at the PTL Television Network, then back to Nashville as Lighting Director for the new Sing Out America Network.

Scott returned to Parkersburg to take care of his ageing parents and has been the Technical Director at the Smoot Theatre for over 30 years. He was a professional videographer for 15 years. Currently he works on Blennerhassett Island as a tour guide and musician. As he returned to WV, Scott discovered the rich tradition of folk music that ran through has family. He started learning to play all the instruments and music of his ancestors. After 30 years Scott plays a variety of stringed instruments and has learned what it means to be a traditional folk musician. Scott is comfortable playing in any situation and always looks forward to letting people discover the instruments and music of his heritage.

Time: 45-60 minutes (tailored to your schedule); needs: one chair; availability: all year, with notice; grades K-6; Study Guide provided.

Music Standard: Relating: Understand music in relation to history and culture. Performing: Perform on instruments, alone and with others a varied repertoire of music.