Suzy Gunter – Dance

Suzy Gunter
Mid-Ohio Ballet
P.O. Box 4204
Parkersburg, WV 26104

Suzy Gunter’s lecture/demonstrations directly involve students in dance through audience participation. Her programs include “The History of Dance”, (the minuet through dances of the ’90’s) “Social Dance in America,” (popular social dances), “The History of Ballet,” (classical ballet techniques). “Dance and the Child”, (introduction to dance for younger students).

Age level: grades 1-6 Time: 45-60 minutes Availability: Spring only Requirements: large open space needed, gym or auditorium preferred, table for equipment, dressing area for dancers if possible.

Suzy has an extensive background as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She has studied with Lance Westguard, David Howard, Duncan Noble, and Gus Giordano, among others. She is the Artistic Director and resident choreographer of the Mid-Ohio Valley Ballet in Parkersburg, WV. Suzy has worked with numerous schools in W.V. and Ohio for over 13 years.

Dance Standard: Respond: Recognize the use of dance elements and choreographic structure  in a variety of significant dance works from numerous genres and historical periods