Vicky Dils – Modern Dance

Vicki Dils
975 Williams Highway
Parkersburg, WV 26105

Vicki’s energy-charged presentation is a discovery of the craft of modern dance through studied participation. Using ingenious props like colored lycra, cloth, balloons, boxes, inner tubes, and a variety of music style, Vicki has students explore the elements of space, time, shape, and motion. Vicki teaches students to use their creative imagination through the process of dance improvisation. Students explore the mind/body relationship at work in original dance movement. (gym preferred). Study guide provided. (also available- 2 week residencies with a student performance; call for details)

Age level: K-6, can do 6-7 classes per day; individual class size limit-25 Time: 40 minutes approximately Availability: flexible Requirements: gym or open floor space.

Vicki Dils received her degree in dance from the University of Wisconsin. She has served as Artistic Director of her own dance company since 1969. Vicki danced professionally in New York City and studied with N.Y.C. instructor Alwin Nikolais. She teaches dance and choreography at the Vicki Dils School of Creativity.

Dance Standard: Perform: Understand, demonstrate, and practice time, space, weight and flow as it relates to locomotor and non-locomotor/axial movements.