Erica Ash – Artist: Painter, Sculptor, & More

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Choice of two projects:

  1. Paper-making: students will learn how to reuse paper to turn it into new paper! The class will work together to collect scrap paper and learn what can and can’t be used. Together, we will work through the process, and then each student will get a chance to craft their own unique piece of paper. Class size only, 2 units


  1. Handmade watercolors: Students will learn art of handmade watercolors with natural pigments. The class will prepare by gathering natural elements to make their own color pigments. Each student will get to create and keep 3 to 4 handmade watercolors. Students can then put them to use creating their own watercolor masterpiece! Class size only 2.5 units

Availability: Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays  (Mornings to Noon only) Customized and suitable for K-5. 45 minutes.


Visual Art Standard: Explore: Identify media and materials used in creating art; understand processes and techniques in creating art. Creating: Apply problem-solving skills in creating two-dimensional and 3-dimensional works of art; use materials and tools in a safe and responsible manner.

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