Mark Doebrich – Guitarist

Mark, a retired educator, has taught guitar and performance skills in the Mid-Ohio Valley for the past twenty-one years. His program, “High Schools That Rock” models the Blues in the Schools format. Mark gets students involved by using a “call and respond” type activity that activates students to play an “open tuned guitar” as their partner verbalizes later with a modern day verbal response. Guitars are tuned to “open G” and students use “slides” to locate the 4th and 5th phrase after students strum the initial open chord. Mark brings a dozen guitars to your classroom and with 30 minutes, students are playing and singing songs using simple I, IV, V chord progressions. Rock, folk and blues genres lend themselves to “open tuning” and all students can participate. Mark , having been a classroom teacher and school administrator, connects easily with students. Grades K-6. Music lesson is best presented to classrooms with 24 or fewer students. Study Guide provided. Lesson in 45 minutes. Schools may arrange multiple classroom presentations during the same day.

Music Standard: Performing: Perform on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music. Creating: compose and arrange music within specified guidelines.

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