Megan Bee-Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist



Megan Bee is an award-winning singer-songwriter who has been touring and recording for the past 10 years.  Between tours she works with a variety of children’s summer camps, environmental education programs, library programs, and artist in residency positions. She offers a songwriting program where students create an original song together using brainstorming, writing prompts, metaphor, sensory writing, and melody during two classroom visits. She also offers a 45 minute hands-on workshop for younger kids where she introduces a variety of stringed instruments while sharing interactive sing-alongs, rhythm games, and improvisation. Time: 45-60 minutes (2 visits for songwriting); availability flexible with notice; Study Guide provided.

Music Standard: Creating: Improvise melodies, variations and accompaniments. Perform: Sing alone and with others a varied repertoire of music. Creating: Compose and arrange music within specified guidelines; Improvise a melodic or rhythmic response.